Classifieds Rules

If you do not follow these rules, your ad(s) and/or account WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT WARNING

General Rules:

• Ads must be Volkswagen/Porsche vehicles or parts ONLY
• Do not repost the same ad, use the Manage screen to edit your existing ad
• Do not post the same ad in multiple categories, pick one ad category only.
• Do not post parts in the vehicles for sale categories and vice versa.
• All non-VW/Porsche vehicles MUST be in the Trade category and follow the Trade rules below.
• Do not type in all capital letters or use repetitive punctuation like “!!!@@ LOOK @@!!!”
• Please use a price whenever possible. Prices such as “1” with the actual price in the ad text will be corrected
• Do not post ads selling VIN plates or titles or copyrighted items – this is illegal and encourages fraud and/or theft
• Do not post “complaint ads” or scam warnings, use the Forums
• Commercial vendors must use the “Vendor” categories
• All ad photos must directly relate to the ad content
• Do not keyword spam
• Porsche vehicle ads are air-cooled only at this time

Vendor Categories: (Businesses must place new parts ads here)

• General Parts – For general replacement parts or anything non-performance or engine related
• Performance/Engines – Performance or engines/engine parts
• Accessories – Wheels, mudflaps, etc.
• Please do not post common parts available anywhere like oil, tune-up parts, etc.

Other VW-related Category:

• Use this category for VW-related t-shirts, jewelry, dealer collectibles, etc.
• This is also the category for car and camping trailers

Trade Category or any For Sale/Trade ad:

• Trade ads MUST be VW-related – either the item you have or the item you want. Do not attempt to SELL non-VW items
• We do not allow weapons or animals in the Trades category
• We delete ads with general phrases like “trade for ?”, “what U got?”, and “trade for VW stuff”
• Ads must state the specific VW item(s) you want. Example: “trade for 1953-63 Bug”